Interior design project may consist

– Creating an internal architectural concept
– Furniture plan
– Light fixtures ( Lightning, switches and outlets positions in plan)
– Floor and ceiling plans
– Color schemes (Wall colors, wallpapers etc.)
– The choice of furniture, textiles and sanitar engineering
– Drawings for custom made furniture ( kitchen furniture, bathroom, wardrobe etc.)
– Specifications as a table (furniture, lamps, materials, sanitary engineering)
– Changing the layout of the rooms and partitions
– Consultations at the object and interior salon
– 3D vision drawing

Turnkey solution

– Measuring
– Visuals
– Ordering products
– Transport and installation organization
– Project management
– Supervision on the property during installation

Furnishing service

– Measuring
– Visuals
– Ordering products
– Abi köögitehnika valimisel
– Organizing the transport to the property
– Installation